Friday, March 4, 2016

Four Of My Favorite VS PINK Items

If you haven't taken part in the PINK craze, you must have been living under a rock for these past few years. They have so many cute things (admittedly, most of then say PINK big and bold). Seriously though, they have a ton of cute stuff that is really worth checking out.

1. Rib Neck Tank in "Black Floral." Okay, is this cute or what? It might be a little too bling-y for some (me included), but the floral top is super cute!

2. Perfect Quarter Zip in "Black Orchid/White." These jackets are all the rage at my school! They come in a ton of colors and a super comfy to wear by themselves or as an actual jacket. 

3. Campus Short Sleeve Tee (I like it in "Neon Coral" but there are a ton of cute colors). Don't you just love how the pocket goes over the writing? 

4. PINK Ultimate Yoga Legging. Okay, I don't have this exact pair but I have a pair similar and they are literally the most comfortable and flattering things you will ever wear! 

Hope you enjoyed this lovely list of all things PINK! Be sure to check back later this week for more posts! Love, Sophia 

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