About Me

Hi! I'm Sophia, just your average crafty kid from Texas. I've always loved DIY projects of any kind, I like to bake and watch Food Network and HGTV. My favorite shows are The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Modern Family, which come on right after another!  and I am on the Middle School Dance Team at my school. I also love photography, so I can assure you there WILL be posts on that subject...

Anyways, I came up with the name Cupcakes and Kayaks because cupcakes are awesome (my favorite type is a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese and chocolate chip filling. I hope for your sake I get around to sharing that recipe.) The kayaks part? Well, there is a creek-ish river-y thing by my house, and my dad and I sometimes go kayaking there. Canoeing? I tried that at camp about four years ago... and no. Never again. I sucked at it, to say the least. But kayaking I can do. I guess I just like kayaking. It's fun. And it has a cooler name than canoeing.

On this blog, you can find recipes, some I've invented, some have been in the family, and others I've found at various websites around the internet. You can also find cool DIY and crafty-creative projects, tips about home decor, and last but not least, general tips and tricks.

I hope you stay a bit and look around! You know, uh, on the blog...

Love, Sophia

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