Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Do Kids Have Too Much Homework?

If you ask me, yes, yes, yes. Speaking as a middle school student, I say yes. I know it's easy to say no. There are a bajillion reasons that you can make to say why homework is good. It teaches time management, It's what "school" is meant to be, it has benefits for later in life... The list goes on and on.

But I think there's an even bigger list of reasons why homework should be reduced (although these may be wrong, this is what I think).

  1. When you do work in class, you can ask the teacher your questions as they come up. Because if I have to wait until the next day, I forget and I mean I really forget. 
  2. Young kids especially learn much more from being outside, with their friends, or engaging in creative activities than by doing work in class. 
  3. School gets out so late anyways (my school ends at 4:05) and kids have so many subjects that homework is often a source of stress instead of an opportunity to learn. 
  4. Back to the stress topic, I know kids that stay up until midnight nearly every night trying to keep up with their work, which causes you to focus less in school the next day, because you get less sleep than you need. 
  5. When kids get a bad night's sleep, they have problems focusing on tests, which defeats the purpose of homework. Isn't homework to prepare you for tests? If you ask me, losing sleep over your homework diminishes your ability to concentrate on tests. 
  6. Not to mention that carrying backpacks loaded with binders and notebooks can have an effect on your posture and overall health. 
So, is it clear that homework is bad? No. But I think that homework in more moderation would definitely benefit today's youth. It would give us more time to engage in creative passions, develop friendships, and other positive things. Now bye... gotta do my homework!

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