Saturday, November 21, 2015

How I Learned to Use A Planner

For years, I was opposed to using a planner. My thoughts were, "I have a brain, that's where I can keep all my assignments."

But the problem with that was that I would forget things. So for my 8th grade year, I decided I would use a planner.

I bought a small planner at Target for under 5 dollars. I found some cute smiley face binder clips and some Paper Mate pens for 2 dollars and set out to be organized.

I decided to color code my planner based upon the type of thing I was writing.

I wrote homework in orange, due dates in purple, dance in green, and tests in blue. 

Every day I have been writing in my planner, using my pens, and i have to say that, while the system isn't foolproof, it has definitely helped me with my organizational skills, especially at a time when we are having some much more homework and assignments!

I also have begun using a different one-inch binder for each of my four core classes, and this little step has helped me tremendously. I am so pleased that I have really become a more organized, dependable person this 2015-2016 year.

However, I did have to build a mousetrap car recently that made me want to scream. But yeah... organization. More on the car later.

Happy weekend!

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