Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Christmas List 2015

Every Year around this time, kids put together their ultimate wish list of everything they want for Christmas. Those lists can include everything from a time machine to a hairbrush, but one thing is always the same: kids implore Santa to bring them the toys of their dreams on Christmas Eve.

Today, I'm sharing with you my Christmas list and my sister's Christmas wish list, in case you need some ideas.

My Sister's:

To Santa from Lena

this christmas I want the
American girl doll Grace with 2
Accessories. A paint set.
Stuffed animal. Animal headphones. 

P.S. with the American girl doll 
accessories I want the slow cooker
and a pair of boots and a sweater for her and glasses.

And I want one of those gymnastics
wedge things 

So there's the list of what Lena is asking Santa for this Christmas. Now for my list:

  • Gift cards: Target, Hobby Lobby, iTunes, Starbucks, Amazon, Simon Mall, etc.
  • Inside Out DVD
  • “The Goldbergs” or “The Middle” or “Black-ish” DVD set. For the Goldbergs, season 1 or 2, for the Middle, further back is best. They have the sets at a discount on Amazon right now
  • “The Martian” Movie Poster. They have them also on Amazon. I would like the one that says “Bring Him Home” and underneath “Matt Damon; The Martian.”
  • Money
  • A Canon zoom lens. The EF-S 55-250mm seems like a good choice to me, but anything that has a range close to that and is inexpensive would be awesome. I have a 18-55mm right now
  • A “Turn Board” which is probably also on Amazon
  • Clothes
  • Adidas “High Rise Full Tight” they're in the women's section and I would probably need a size XS
  • Cool T Shirts
  • “Pink” Jacket
  • Cool Crew Socks

So there you have it. And as for my brothers, the ten year old twins, they will probably send off their list the day before Christmas Eve, hoping Santa gets it in time.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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