Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to School: Picture Day Tips!

Oh, the joys of picture day. Looking weird on your ID, having your eyes closed in the yearbook picture, and clashing outfit choices are only some of the things that can befall a person when taking their school pictures. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you or your child have the best picture ever (or, at least an ok pic).

First, pick a shirt that is mainly one solid color or print. Shirts with writing that could get cut off, extremely busy prints, or drawings might cause your child's picture to look less than stellar. To make sure your kiddo ends up in an acceptable shirt, you can do a couple of things. 

1. Give them a choice between several parental-approved options.

2. Just pick for them. It's only one day of the whole year. 

3. Remove yourself and let them pick what they'll wear, only stepping in when a really bad outfits is the chosen attire. 

Brush your child's hair carefully, and, for a little girl, it might be a good idea to put their hair up in pigtails or a braid to keep their hair from getting messy. For older gals, just send 'em with a hairbrush and let them know they can ask to go to the restroom and brush their hair before the picture. For boys, hair gel might be a good way to keep those locks in place. Otherwise, just let them style their hair they way they like and cross your fingers for the best. 

Also, most schools pose your child for the pic, but if not, let them know to stick with a simple "sit and smile" routine. 

Last, tips for teenagers doing their picture day makeup:

  • Good coverage for the face but light on the color, 
  • Be natural (this ain't the time for red lipstick)
  • Be yourself!
  • Wear your average daily makeup, don't go overboard
Have an awesome picture day!

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