Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sick and Bored

I've been sick since Thursday and I've watched about 10 episodes of The Middle (my favorite show EVER!) amd 5 episodes of The Goldbergs, as well as an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, and watched Mean Girls. And I'm bored. And dosed up on disgusting grape-flavored Tylenol (ewwwwwww!)

But you know what, at least I'm not dying. But however, I thought I'd share some tips for what to do when you're sick, because the Tylenol is doing it's job.

  1. Watch TV and don't feel bad. Binge-watch Netflix and watch some of those Amazon Prime movies you've been meaning to sit down to see. But you know what? Since you're sick, you can get away with it. And since you can't go out to the gym or run errands, kick back and relax, guilt-free! 😂👍
  2. Sleep... Cause you can and there's no one to stop ya. And if you're like me and you don't like to nap, wait to try until you're feverish and tired. Crawl under those covers and it will be much easier to get some rest in when waiting for your fever to break. 
  3. Do some much needed online shopping. Like for that birthday present for your dad. Or do some unneeded shopping while resting. Hey, is that backpack for sale??? And those boots really are cute.... 👢👠👗
  4. Let your imagination wander... If you're feeling bad, lie down, zone out, and think about whatever comes to mind. These days people are far too stressed and overbooked, it might be nice to lie back and think about...absolutely nothing. 
  5. Read a book. I've been rereading the Little Hose in the Prarie series, and it's been good. The last time I read them I was like eight, so read something you haven't read in a while and you'll look at it in a whole new way! 
  6. Finally, go to bed early, wake up late, catch up on sleep, and hopefully you'll be feeling better in no time! At least, that's the hope. 
One last thing. I've mentioned some of my favorite TV shows, so here's the info for those. Both are definitely worth watching and the Middle is as funny for kids as it is for adults! 

The Middle season premiere: September 23, 2015! Sue goes to college!

The Goldbergs season premiere: also September 23! Right after the middle, how convenient!

And Mean Girls??? Amazing movie, see it see it see it! 

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